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March 29, 2011


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Ciao e saluti dalla California. Il mio nome รจ Mario e sono visitando il tuo blog e dire grazie. thank you for adding me on FB.
Non parlo italiano bene ma era pensando a practicarlo qui. But apparently, that is not neccesary.
I too write a blog about Food. And Recipes. And People and Relationships. And Sometimes vice versa. Please stop by. Maybe comment. Maybe Follow.
A presto

(By the way, my wife and I will be visiting Florence in late May. Do you have suggestions about where to eat?

project food lab

ciao mario,
thanks for dropping by. sorry that its taken so long to respond but its been a busy week. you have an interesting blog i like your personal take on food. convivienza. or living together of which food is of course absolutely fundamental here in italy.

where to eat in florence. at the simplest level i would recommend, for a quick lunch, 'da mario' near the central market. 'rocco's' in the sant ambrogio market. then also traditional and quite simple is 'al tranvai', it is my far my favourite osteria, but be prepared to find things like fried brain on the menu! otherwise a never fail option and probably the best traditional florentine restaurant is 'buca del orafo' near the ponte vecchio. It can get quite lively some nights. more high end i would recommend 'ora d'aria'. Some of the best creative tuscan cuisine you can find, but pricier. There are plenty more. If you have any other questions please feel free to write! I hope you enjoy trip to florence. a presto.


Delicious dish. Risotto is always welcomed! Thanks for sharing!

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